Catherine "Erin" Ishimoticha

API Design – Distributed Infrastructures – Web Apps

Erin codes.

I love to code. I love engineering. I love solving problems and creating new things, and I'm good at it. I view programming languages, libraries, and engineering tools as building blocks, and my job is to put them together in the right way to cleanly solve problems and enable people.

I have experience in building distributed services, building API servers, designing APIs and library surfaces, writing and maintaining libraries, and building complete web applications. I've worked with some really smart people doing really cool things.


To work in software engineering in a great job in which I can use my skills to build awesome things, work with really smart, experienced people, and learn new skills and methodologies.

To share my knowledge and skills in a setting where other people can also learn and products can be improved.



I invest learning new things and obtaining new skills to keep my work efficient and skills relevant.






A diverse skillset and variety of experiences make a well-rounded engineer.

I've worked on some cool things, and I'd like to share them with you.